To Whom It May Concern:

 This is an enthusiastic recommendation for Mark Wolff and his tremendous efforts to help my family secure the best board and care home for my 91-year-old father, whose needs exceeded the abilities of my mother, who is in her 80’s.

 First of all, Mark helped my mom and I identify options beyond the large, institutional facilities that exist. My family was searching for something smaller, with a lower ratio of caregiver-to-client than large facilities that we explored provide. We have limited funds to pay for such care and I’m their only son who works hundreds of miles away. Mark introduced to ‘board and care’ facilities in south Sacramento—state-licensed private home environments that accept no more than six clients. He found two homes in Greenhaven and one in the Laguna area, near Kaiser Medical Center that had openings. We toured them and chose one in Greenhaven, that’s less than 15-minutes from my mom’s home and have found it to be a perfect fit. Mark’s recommendations factored the level of daily care my father needed as well as our budget. There are variations of both at different facilities.

 In the seven months that my father has been there, we’ve seen the ratio of caregiver-to-client average better than one caregiver for every three clients, generally. A weekly menu is drawn up with special attention paid to clients’ needs (in my father’s case, a thickener was prescribed to facilitate drinking liquids and prevent aspiration). The home’s administrator has been more than willing to incorporate ‘natural’ alternatives to prescribed meds also, such as manuka honey to fight bacterial infection and inflammation.

Home health care nurses along with physical therapists make weekly visits. And the administrator has been diligent to make sure all meds are administered appropriately. She also hires well. We’ve been impressed with the competence and compassion of the caregivers she’s selected.

 But the greatest blessing has been her warmth and sense of humor in her interactions with my father. Her attention to detail and feedback to my mom and I about my father’s needs have helped us manage his condition, also. (such as ordering a hospital bed to facilitate sitting upright, and a wheelchair with removable armrests to facilitate transfers from bed-to-chair, both of which we were able to secure through his healthcare benefits)

 Mark Wolff took the time to listen to our needs and use his experience and knowledge of the marketplace to find a good fit. For families who are doing this for the first time, his expertise and sensitivity are invaluable qualities that are greatly appreciated.

 My family recommends Mark Wolff highly without hesitation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. My email address is:

Chuck Coppola

I have nothing but great "Praise" for Mark Wolff of Senior Care Authority. He is very professional, detailed, punctual in helping my family to locate a Senior Care Facility for my mother. Mark assisted in all stages in locating a facility and including to help steer the proper selection that met all of our concerns....and to that end I highly recommend any family to take advantage of Mark's wide and in-depth knowledge and experience. At every facility we toured, Mark was there to assist and also brought forth questions that helped research a particular location. My mother is in her 90's and all of us siblings are in 60's to 70' you can bet we will be in touch with Mark Wolff again, I'm positive one of us will be needing his excellent service sometime in the future.

Daniel Fong

As the owner of his company, Mark is deeply involved with every client and delivers an unusual level of personal attention to everyone he helps. I've recommended numerous people to Mark so they can benefit from his professionalism, personal touch and high standards of customer service.

Paul Terpeluk
Mark Wolff has been amazing. His professionalism, knowledge has been a Godsend! Mark has gone beyond the call of duty and even after assisting with placement has been readily available to answer any question and concerns. Without his help, we would have not had an appropriate place to place our friend. Mark cares about senior care and anyone would be blessed to have him as his agent. I recommend him highly! Lani Williams
My wife and I moved from the Bay area to Roseville. We were contemplating a move for my cousin, who has advanced dementia, to be close to us. Not knowing the area we turned to a professional Mark Wolf, He was instrumental in finding a wonderful place near us. Marks wealth of knowledge and patience was extremely helpful in finding the "right fit" for my cousin. I highly recommend Mark and Senior Care Authority Michael and Cheryl Welch
Mark Wolff, of Senior Care Authority, was very helpful in finding a great Board and Care home for my mom. His knowledge of homes in the Roseville/Rocklin area is extensive. Mark is concerned about the individual needs of the people he assists and he is good at matching clients with the right care giving environment. He is very personable, understanding and thorough. I would definitely recommend Senior Care Authority to anyone seeking help finding quality care for their loved one. Mary Aldridge
Mark Wolff of Senior Care Authority has a wealth of knowledge and is a wonderful resource for families looking for help in placing their loved one in just the right community.  He has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion.  When I called and asked for help (late on a Friday afternoon) he was there, willing to take the time and go the extra mile, with professionalism and heart.  I highly recommend Mark and Senior Care Authority! Jill Nakagawa
I was so happy that my brother stumbled upon the services of Senior Care Authority. We had no choice but to find a loving place for our mother in that we could no longer care for her in the way and as much as she needed. Mark was not only well experienced, he was compassionate and knowledgeable as well. After our initial meeting with Mark and explaining what we were looking for, he sifted through his many contacts and came up with 3 places for immediate viewing. While all three were wonderful, we fell in love with Garden Villa, and the proprietor is a nurse! Bonus! Mark would have continued providing us with places to look at, but we were very satisfied with our choice of Garden Villa. What is a stressful and emotional experience was made much easier thanks to the great care we were given by Mark. Do not hesitate to contact him to help place your loved one(s.) We would recommend Mark’s service greatly! Cina Chandler
Not even knowing where to start looking for a place for my dad, I felt fortunate to connet with Mark.  Little did I know, I had found an amazing person to work with.  On our initial call, Mark and I talked for close to an hour.  He was gathering information about my dad to find the perfect place.  Mark is an awesome listener and heard all my concerns.  He immediately went to work and found several places to go and see.  The options Mark provided were so good, it presented a difficult choice of where to place Dad.  However, within 3 weeks we had moved Dad to his new home, and he loves it!  If you are like I was and do not know where to begin, call Mark.  His experience, advice, and hard work made the process go infinitely better than I had imagined.  You're the best, Mark!  Thanks for all your help! Jim Floyd

I have had the pleasure to have Mark Wolff assist me in finding a forever home for a dear friend.  In all honesty, my friend has been a difficult patient.  Yet, through all the difficulties, Mark Wolff has been very professional, considerate, compassionate and displayed great patience.

We could have never found a forever home that met all our friend's needs at such an affordable price without the help of Mark.

We are truly grateful and highly recommend his services to anyone in need of help with senior care.  I completely trust Mark's skills in this area.  You will find he will be a complete blessing to you and your family if you choose to use his services.

Lani Williams
We recently had the pleasure of working with Mark Wolff. Mark was an advocate for his client and their family and made sure every detail was addressed. He was extremely professional and helped the resident every step of the way through the entire process. I would highly recommend him as he has the knowledge and experience to find the perfect home for seniors. Kyla Dalton
Mark was a great comfort to me when I was searching for a place for my mother to transition from independent living.  He was excellent in following up with me to finalize our move. Gloria Naify

Mark, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your assistance in finding a more suitable residence under some real time pressure.

Your choices showed real acknowledgement and thoughtful consideration of my needs and realities, far and above the call of duty.  I am pleased with our choice this morning, and am grateful for the time and sensitivity you've shown throughout the entire process.  


I recommend you most highly, and thank you again

Jim Rosenfield

If you are looking for senior residential care for a loved one, contact Mark Wolff with Senior Care Authority.  I had the pleasure of working with Mark in finding a residential care home for my father.  He made this difficult job as painless and easy as possible.  He is extremely compassionate, organized and hard working.

Mark will determine the best possible care plan to maximize your loved one's needs and be there every step of the way as you make this transition for your loved ones.

Janet Soule
Mark, I really appreciate all your hard work and dedication.  I can tell that you are passionate about helping Seniors find their perfect home and assisting their families also.  I am so glad that I found your service, because I didn't have the resources to connect to these board and care homes.  You know how to navigate through all the complexity of finding the right home for Seniors.  I would highly recommend you and your company to anyone seeking long-term care. Jennifer Vaughn